Friday, September 27, 2013

Internecine Warfare or "Checks and Balances? What Ails Our System?

What ails our system is simple: personalities and vanities uber
alles, desperate hunger for attention at the expense of average
Americans without the same bully pulpit, etc. Many politicians
really don't care about you, America, so do select your
legislators CAREFULLY. The communities, lives, homes
and even bank accounts you save just might be your own.

What anyone CAN see is internecine warfare in Congress,
little actual work progressing, pitched battles, political
loyalties paraded in time-wasting style, while roads and bridges
continue to crumble, elderly Americans' Social Security
checks and our brave military's salaries are threatened, on and
on. [Is it really true that only $30 billion remains in our treasury?
The United States' tragically laughable lack of funds disqualifies
 us as the last remaining super such nation exists.]

Meanwhile, they posture, they rant, they obfuscate, and
yes, even lie, just to make an impression and get re-elected.
Somehow, the reasoned, moderate democrats and republicans
are shunted aside, as shouting always wins the yellow
journalism ( "yellow" is doubly pejoratively meant here)
coverage so prevalent now.

Peace, reason, concern and principle--that's what I
hunger for. Internecine warfare in Congress will hurt
all of us in the end, even its fiercest practitioners.


  1. Yes MAM! ! AMEN!! TOTALLY EXPOSED their sham and scam in this great blog Lady Amber.

    Most people have two arms . A right and left . In this two party sham uh I mean ( CLIQUE ) system in our country we have republican and democrat. Like in pro wrestling entertainment THESE people no matter what side they are on I feel really are unified. UNIFIED to help them selves not US! LIKE WWE PRO WRESTLERS they pretend to hate one another but are really DEEP SECRET CRONIES!
    Some would say our court system is no better. I will just leave that to some one else or write it in my own blog. Some things do not need to be said.

    It's like that CHIPS AHOY commercial where the chips ahoy cartoon man says( HEY GREAT PARTY! WHERE'S THE CAKE? THERE IS A GIANT GLASS OF MILK RIGHT NEXT TO HIM ) then this cartoon Lady says to him ( WHILE SHE AND EVERY ONE AT THE PARTY IS LOOKING AT HIM SHE SAYS , WE'RE NOT HAVING CAKE.... Get it? We American people are like chips ahoy man! GET IT? GOT IT? GOOD!

    Thank you Lady Amber! EXPOSED THE BUNCH AGAIN!!

    1. Thanks, Commander Lester. I checked out your blog but didn't see a way to comment except on your older posts. (-?) Hope all is reasonably peaceful where you live right now. Best Wishes!

  2. Vestiges of civility remain, but sometimes they can be pretty hard to detect. A few days ago, John McCain signed on as a co-sponsor to Elizabeth Warren's "21st Century Glass-Steagall Act.

    But will it pass muster in the House? As surely as elephants lay eggs, I reckon! Yep, in regard to congressional misbehavior overall, you're right on the noggin.

    That's why the 2014 election is so vital. The Dems need to flip 18 seats. It ain't gonna be easy.

  3. Thank you Lady Amber. Things are ( THEY ARE quiet and hiding in shame after many got EXPOSED !many are) thanks. There is a comment area just under each post on my blogs I hope it works. Have a LOVELY day!!