Thursday, February 19, 2015

Giuliani and Walker: Two Twin Towers of Ignorance in the Republican Party

At their recent confab at the 21 Club in Manhattan for about
60 right-leaning Republicans, Scott Walker let it be revealed
he hasn't a college degree, a serious lack of credentials; Harry
Truman was the last U.S. President without a college diploma,
but made up for it by being a serious autodidact. Walker now
wants to run for U.S. President. --Yikes!

Then there's randy Rudy (you remember, the NYC
mayor who had both his then current wife and then current
lover installed at Gracie Mansion), Mr. Giuliani, darkly
mind-reading,  pronounced that our president Obama
doesn't love America --Whew!

Both of them seem jealous of Mr. Obama's intellectual
attainments; isn't that too bad! We must have educated,
balanced people in power or we WILL land on the
dustbin of  history...if we're not headed that way already.

Alexander Hamilton, one of the essential Founding Fathers,
was actually the first prominent American to warn about
pandering to an ill-informed public as well as American
Exceptionalism. Loving your native land does NOT
require shameless flag-waving at every opportunity, quoting
by rote "God and country", demeaning other nations and
people of color, adoration of either the body politic or
any and all leaders who agree with you. (You can find
this telling history in Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton,
from page 627 to page 629.)

Thank God there are moderate Republicans, voters
and officials who have begun to stand up to the Grover
Norquists and Koch Brothers of this world.
May moderates' numbers increase; one can only
hope that those twin towers of ignorance, Giuliani
and Walker, fade away, as the rest of us deserve.


  1. I often wonder how rational, reasonably humane Republicans such as Chuck Percy and Ike would be received within today's GOP. Would they even BE Republicans? I realize that there are some moderates in our state's General Assembly. However, there are none in Illinois' GOP congressional delegation. Wisconsin had one moderate state senator and one congressman among their Republican ranks. Both recently retired, at least one out of frustration.

    In short, I wouldn't hold my breath, Amber. It looks to me as if moderate Repubs are becoming as rare as monarch butterflies.

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    2. I too wonder about "Ike" and Percy. The continuing disagreement you and I have probably has more to do with our definitions of "moderate" than anything else.