Monday, February 16, 2015

--SO?? CBS Gets it Wrong RE: The Selfie Stick, 02/16/'15

I realize Anchor Gail will not be reading this little diatribe,
but she blew it today on CBS This Morning, when she
ended the segment siding with museum attendees' use  of
selfie sticks (she used the ubiquitous term, "bottom line").
The story announced a new policy: museums around the
world wisely will now prohibit the use of selfie sticks on
their premises.

So-called great positive points of this practice:

(1) So selfie sticks produce better pix--so what?
(2) So the museums are garnering free promotion--and?
(3)  So these pix promote the young's feeling they
      are cultured by emailing their friends--oh yeah?

These very dubious "benefits" are far outweighed
by the following serious negatives:

(A) Being so self-absorbed WILL create accident
      scenarios and painting damage, bank on it, if that
      hasn't indeed already occurred. Museums
      shouldn't be victimized by frivolous, erroneous
      lawsuits--or tragedies...ditto for any attendees.
      Remember, there are a lot of unaware klutzes first!

(2) Museum curators and directors should not
     allow so much photo-taking, period. Do they
     wish to preserve these incomparable artworks
      --or not? Maybe a little judicious study of light
      and flash effects on paintings IS in order...Physics
      is fundamental; forget that and risk plenty.

To those "cultured and aware attendees": buy postcards
in museum's gift shops--the photos are better, you'll have
a great memento, and/or it's a very special, personal way
to connect with friends and family--when you actually
send them out. Oh, and it helps defray any museum's
high operating costs.

I was shocked by Gail's opinion, as I usually really
like her, her appearance and attitudes...but nobody's
perfect, not even me, sadly.

Signing off now
The Mean Old Hall Monitor

P.S.: I still back our president's use of the stick
in the White House; there ARE exceptions to
almost anything.


  1. Well stated. I for years have not owned any type camera. I just call in one of many favors FROM THE COMMANDERS! past and use some one elses for a while. Hm business not wanting from promotion. hm wonder if well perhaps THEY ARE NUTS! LOl.

    On a serious note I HAVE 2 TWO polaroid cameras. Work great . Any one want to buy them or give them a good home. Found them when we got back and un packed. Oh I know the younger bucks and fawns are saying EH UH WHAT IS POLAROID. I guess I need to get more hip. NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  2. Oh as Leutenant Columbo used to say ( JUST ONE MORE THING) I also found a mni kodak camera I got with 5 cereal box tops in the mid nineteen seventies. Honey comb cereal I think it was OH YOUTH can eat any thing no cholesterol , plump, etc worries! Wait I have a message on the COMMANDER! phone coming in Amber.

    ( Eh Hey COMMANDER! Start your own museum wit your collection! Hm Buby ,, Hey buby, you may have a pint there. Any one have any rae items I cab add like honest politicians, or maybe one of those 45 you cut off of cereal boxes back in the nine teen sixties?