Friday, February 13, 2015

Our Obama: Not Afraid to Explore His Silly Side

...Especially if it will be in aid of something he
regards as positive. I'm with him on this, even
though I've always thought the ACA's problems
were that it was too ambitious, that its architects
did not take time to discover anything much about
unintended consequences...or even any legitimate

Yet,  "Yolo"? I love it, am gonna steal it. Until the
Prez used it, I had no idea, as I'm  a 70 year old
intellectual, rarely given to street English usage--
but some expressions are not only really down-
home, but pithy and stylin' as well--like Yolo.
(You Only Live Once.) This happens to be a
deeply felt belief of mine--the mere suggestion
that we come back here (Reincarnation)
positively gives me the willies! Once is enough
for me, even with the many lovely aspects of
life I AM attuned to.

In order for the ACA to meet its mission goals,
the young, presumed to be healthy must enroll.
So often, as those of us past 40 know, they
really, mostly, don't relate to us ol' sticks in
the this participation in the young's
lighter side may bridge the generation gap.

Kudos, Mr. President!  I wish you, and most of
your goals for our country well.


  1. Yes! We sticks in the mud in many ways have things more together than they do.

  2. You mean that you have no desire to return to this planet as a pig-footed bandicoot? You're no fun!

    Seriously, any gambit that might convince younger folks to sign on with the ACA is worth a shot. Nonetheless, there's still no substitute for universal health care.

    1. Well, you may be on to something there--a pig-footed bandicoot might be a step up for me on the attractiveness scale....