Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sarah Palin Cast Out: Doubting Thomases and Thomasinas on the Left, Now More Proof of Moderate Republicans Rising

--What more do you need, to see that sense is at last coming
to the party that gave credibility to "The Tea Party" and Grover
Norquist?  Quite a few of Sarah's dearest adherents have now
abjured her, after her most incoherent, embarrassing recent
speech in Iowa. Bill O'Reilly, Matt Lewis, Sean Hannity and
others almost sounded like Ms. Palin's most determined

I always said she had a pretty face and little else to
recommend her; but then, her prominence just proves
what a nutty country we truly have, even if we can inspire
(-our Founding Fathers come to mind) much of the
rest of the world.

Here's hoping this moderate window blows wide open,
letting a freer wind of conciliatory policies/politics prevail.


  1. Amber. I agree. I wish that party would stop breaking so much wind and blow the other way. Has Sarah not gone away yet? My God! She has a little more than just a pretty face. Other parts are not bad. Respectfully meant about a woman that is married/ She lost so I wish she would go bye bye now.

    Lots aledgedly deep happening last few days in the Ukrane. Maybe that republican party and others need to expose be concerned about that.

    1. Lester, you made me laugh again! Good medicine from a "Bedford Falls" friend; I thank you. Have a great week!

  2. This Doubting Thomas ain't gonna hold his breath, Amber. Earlier today, the Honorable Mr. Speaker snidely referred to us who oppose the Keystone Pipeline as "left-wing extremists and anarchists".

    The Louie Gohmerts and Thom Tillises continue to rave on. And remember, the latter was just elected. So it's advisable not to be standing downwind of their rants, Lester.

    1. Well, "Doubting Dan", there were others actually serving in Congress I read about and could have mentioned, such as the Montana Republican Rep who refused to take the Koch Brothers' "Pledge" (Grover Norquist-style B.S. again). You can enjoy looking that up.

  3. Doubting Dan THE MAN! I guess I am in those two clubs you are in because I am not for the key stone pipe line either.

    Amber you are a lot more than a pretty face. You are welcome.

    I used to hear a commercial way back in the seventies when I did not just feel young but was younger. It made this comment which I feel we could useregarding many of those PUBLICANS. I quote