Monday, November 9, 2015

November 2015: Ben Carson Takes a Page from Bush II's Political Playbook

But the page he's taken is an unfortunate one for himself and the
USA as well: Lie about your background due to an unholy
marriage of ego and inferiority complex, that page where "the
Shrub" bragged about his military service which was never out
of our country, and on the next page, pronounced "mission
complete", embarrassing everyone including him, in view of
subsequent, massive death toll events, mostly Iraqi, but also
plenty of our own. Similarly, Carson lied: West Point never
offers  any scholarships, read up on how one gets into West
Point, BEN.

Ben Carson indeed had talent and accomplishments in neuro-
surgery, which  accounts for his staff positions at major medical
institutions and various related awards. Around about this time,
his ego left the planet, which explains what I read regarding a
serious breach of medical ethics AND a failed tragic technique,
making a nine year old girl diagnosed and previously treated for
serious neurological difficulties even worse--operating on the
brain stem when B.C. (ah, Before Christ, is he??) promised this
child and her mother he would NOT do so. You can find the
particulars of this case as a pdf document, search "nine year old
girl suing Dr. Ben Carson for malpractice". Shit shortly hitting the
proverbial fan, Dr. B.C. conveniently "retires"...oh please!

Again, also resembling Bush II, Ben is inarticulate, or perhaps
off his meds: how to otherwise explain he'd be "honored" if  Puerto
Rico achieves statehood? Is he from Puerto Rico? He visited
there, but he is NOT Puertorriqueno. There are many other
malapropisms, misstatements of fact, and an arrant appeal
to the Religious Right, with his promotion of his religious views,
"Joseph built the pyramids." (Carson and Huckabee should
form a club.) The doc may well know how to engineer/execute
a life-saving brain surgery, but obviously knows zero about
Archaeology, the History of Egypt, Geology, Structural
Engineering, et al. This  past Sunday I searched the "Joseph,
son of Jacob" chapters in Genesis, finding no support for
Ben's thesis.

I will reprise more of  this current clone of Bush II in future
posts, bank on it. Meanwhile, I can't wait to read Bush I's
recent book, where he castigated both Rumsfeld and Cheney,
exposing  informed regard of his son's subordinates. I had the
exact same misgivings back in the early 1980s.

We usually don't do dynasties or aristocracies in the U.S. for
many reasons-- here's just one example: everyone in the same
family are not equally gifted; note Bush I, who was a pretty good
president. His sons' executive resumes, however, do not meet
their father's accomplishments.

It was ever thus; anyone wishing to emulate a Bush better
pick the right one.


  1. Amber. Right on as usual.

    Yes Dr Carson is often refe
    red to as A FORMER neuro surgeon is he not? Many do not know about the case you mentioned . I do.

    I wonder who is behind Dr Carson?I wonder Who and what organizations are behind ALL of the candidates?

  2. Thank you Amber. All the best to you.