Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hey, Hey, Ho Ho, Anita and Gary Got to Go: Chicago's Prosecutorial Indiscretions

Shame on Chicago: Finally, over a year later, the "authorities" are
now "handling" the murderous incident of a white cop killing a
young Black male in a completely unjustified  homicide. It is
appalling and galling to realize this thug took taxpayer-paid
salary for most of the past year, as this shocking crime was
suppressed by Mayor Emanuel, Cook County State's
Attorney Alvarez, and Police Chief McCarthy.

All the education and experiences these three have accumulated
are, finally, for naught: they have no humane responses to most
of us ordinary citizens; no, they couch their official behavior in
terms of "what's good for Chicago, our reputations, etc." Who
needs them? Are they in  fact "good for Chicago"? Hell no:

Hey, hey, ho ho, Anita and Gary got to go. (Chicago could
use a new mayor too; let's have no more lifetime sinecures
on the Fifth Floor of Chicago's City Hall.)  Where was the
discretion demanded in this case, the rigorous, seasoned
blend of  law and humanity? Last night's televised preamble
to the video release of  Laquan's murder fooled few of us
indeed. Awkwardness and disorganization were painfully
apparent, Anita more made up than I've seen her in months,
the video continuing to be held back until very late last
night (why, to outlast any demonstrators?)

Prosecutorial discretion: Chicago can sure use some.
Let's make that happen, shall we?

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  1. Amber I totally agree. I pray that more of the people of Chicago demand the ROT and corruption be exposed and dealt with on many levels there before it is too late.

    There is a lot stinking there .Chicago means WILD SMELLY ONION I believe. The rotten stuff that all too often goes on there is stinking. It can and does find it,s way to the burbs. God bless. Been a lovely, blessed filling day in more ways that one and hope it has been same for you Amber and your readers.