Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Laquan McDonald: Justice Delayed Was Almost Justice Denied

Last October 2014, while Ferguson's firestorm still raged there
after August's shooting of a young Black male by a young white
cop, a Chicago cop gunned down another young Black male
who was absolutely NO threat to the WONDER
the cop-cam video of this obscene murder was suppressed
for over a year! Authorities here feared a race riot, so "officer"
Van Dyke was allowed to remain on the Chicago P.D. payroll
for over eight months.

In Ferguson, when the white establishment finally had to own
up to their racist response publicly, the white mayor rambled
on and on before releasing the decision not to indict that Missouri
policeman...yesterday (11/24/2015), the same scenario: Chicago
Mayor Emanuel and Chicago Police Chief McCarthy droned on
and on, appealing for calm, promising to release the video which
clearly shows Laquan as a danger only to himself, as he walked
down the middle of the street, his back turned away from police,
shot down and bleeding out, none of the several other officers
trying to help him.

Official records revealed Van Dyke volleyed 14 more bullets
into Laquan after two shots put him on the ground. I had to
sneer when Van Dyke's attorney claimed his cop defendant
feared for his life--oh yeah, how, exactly?? The video filmed
Laquan McDonald as being alone in the middle of the street
at all times during this sad, outrageous incident, near no one;
Van Dyke kicks the three inch blade away from Laquan's
hand while Laquan bled to death...NO GUN.

Finally fired and indicted, Police officer Van Dyke will face
a  bench trial, not "a jury of his peers". (-?!) What peers, police
ill-equipped to do an admittedly difficult job, ill-screened,
ill-trained? Relatively few as these may be, too many have
taken troubled young Black lives, never paying the price
for murder. In Chicago, justice delayed was almost denied...

But stay tuned. Until this thug is sentenced and put permanently
behind bars,  the cynic in me makes me watch this case
oh so carefully....


  1. As a Black man ( With other heritages in my blood line) and as a person with some visual challenges I have lived with all my life I often think when I walk the streets of BEDFORD FALLS LAND USA what who I may encounter. I wonder if My community or near by will have more LAW enforcers or authority ones that may , well be more like THE ELITE? Out for certain people.

    My family and I have had to in the past deal with RACIAL PROFILING. As a person with visual challenges I have had to deal with ATTITUDES! I find some attitudes I thought were long gone are rearing their ugly heads.I met two all pro nice OUT OF TOWN and some BED FORD FALLS police officers today. I know still a few in town. I respect and appreciate them. However whe I was in THE CITY I saw some police that were well TOUGH!! Some even female officers may be physically smaller than I howeveryou shake their hand A FIRM HAND SHAKE! VERY STRONG CONFIDENT! I can see how if a person OF ANY SEX OR RACE is trained the wrong way or has many open or hidden prejudices, hang ups, etc, HOW THAT PERSON COULD BECOME like HITLER! How that person could be like A STORM TROOPER!!

    I have many friends , feminine friends from foreign countries. They tell me how THEIR POLICE were. ARE OR ARE BECOMING! It is not positive what they tellme.

    Some day I wonder if we will not ask for who the bell tolls for it may toll FOR US?

    What is in the hearts of some MEN AND WOMEN of authority, MY GOD!!

    That young man from Chicago I feel no matter what he was doing ( HE OBVIOUSLY WAS WALKING AWAY SLOWLY I see not well but I AM NOT A D ED FOOL NOR AM I BLIND!) HE WAS EXECUTED LIKE WE SEE ON GANGSTER MOVIES! HE SATANIC, EVIL, WRONG! Some ,WELL MANY do not need to be law men and women, Many may need to be releived of being a plice officer. I have kin, friends, feminin friends in law enforcement NOT IN PRISON O but work, or used to work in it so I know a lot of what I write here. ARE you all 10 04 on that ass the police say?

    More good people need to get BAD APPLES out of positions of power. I have said enough and do not want to get deep on your blog Amber. Thank you for reading myviews. God bless! Happy Thanks Giving. GOD HELP US!

  2. P S. I had a fellow and a Lady I know point out to me recently, How MANY police officers KEEP THEIR HAMMER COCKED!! 2 of these people conceal caried and said to me I QUOTE( COMMANDER! I am cocked and ready too.. Something to think over. Soon we may not have to watch wild west movies...Get my meaning?