Saturday, November 21, 2015

Today's Terrors: France, Limiting Large Gatherings; The U.S., Limiting Good Sense As Well

November 21, 2015: In the wake of the two terror tragedies,
Paris and Mali, inevitable, inaccurate proscriptions emerge:
France has banned many public gatherings, remaining on
high alert status for the next three months. Here at home,
many prominent politicos prescribe racism, religious tests
and tarring all refugees from Syria with the same invidious
brush...this time, all political stripes, Democrats and
Republicans, have thrown their fear-mongering, uber
security-promising hats into this hateful ring.

Hey, have some balance here! No indeed, we can't
fling open our borders to any and all, always, but
let's recall some relevant history: the U.S. has had
immigration quotas for over 100 years, different
groups being assigned different numbers; perhaps
the judgement for these quotas was not always
practical or humane, but the point is, we've always
done it. Interestingly, just as foolish forbiddings
have emanated from both Democrats and
Republicans, reasonable restrictions and positive
proposals are coming out of both camps now:
Republican Jeb Bush, Democrat Rahm Emanuel,
merely two examples...may the most effective
policies win!

ISIS/ISIL, now, pejoratively, Da'esh, really
can't win, we must know that. As has long
been quoted in the Civil Rights movement,
"there are more of us than there are of them".
The Caliphate dream won't work in the current,
modern world; its time has come and gone.
The bitterness and ego unmarried to a firm
grasp of history and reality fuels Da'esh and
all allied terrorists, including Boko Haram.

They can't win, believe it. Let's not limit
good sense by panicking, fielding fright
for political hay and gain. The Donald
will fall from being trumped by simple
reason--unless the USA harbors millions
more ignoramuses than we previously


  1. Yes umm. I see the political stripes. Many of us not in a fog do. I see many with YELLOW or white stripes down their backs. Claiming they are following their conscience ( THE little peppy le pew liars and stinkers, demogogues no matter their party. TAHEY follow I feel the power, money THE ELITE and not what most of us want.

    I can not help wondering when OPEN martial law will pop up in verious countries MAYBE EVEN well you know..

    Many of us BIG IMPORTAN T people that think we are LITTLE people are so busy being caught up in the games the ELITE are tossing our way , reality NON REAL scripted tv, Neighbor nosiness, control games, etc, Many are openly into evil spiritual stuff now. MY GOD, there are more of US than more of them.. They fear more of us will wake up and be the giants and LEADERS GOD created us to be. I am afraid Amber they do not have much to fear as I see and feel few waking up. In many ways Alex Jones, Jeff Rinse and others I feel are right on so many things. So are you MAM.

    Let us enjoy our selves while we may.. Count our blessings.Happy Thanks Giving. God bless, GOD HELP US! Celebrate but watch our backs!

    1. RE: Martial law: Since these last few terror attacks, added to white cop vs. black youth shootings, did you see that Minneapolis called up the Minnesota National Guard? Everybody needs to take a GIANT chill pill....

    2. Yes Mam! I saw reports of that on traditional and alternative internet media. I believe Alex Jones mentioned it also.It seems to get thicker by the hour!

  2. God Bless you and yours, Mr. N. Happy Holidays and safety first! You made me laugh with the Pepe Le Pew reference; I used to watch those cartoons often--poor Pepe! He never had one ounce of objectivity--ignorance DID equal bliss in his case. Best Wishes! See you around "Bedford Falls"....

    1. Amber I know some people that are in their life minds well are sort of like Pepe. Maybe that is how they cope. I will at times watch it on youtube a dvd etc.LOL I at times love a good classic cartoon, Helps keep the kid in me aliive BE YOUNG AT HEART! Happy Thanks Giving, Merry Christmas ,Happy New year! God help us to deal with what ever may come.