Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris, France: Inhumane Horror: Here We Go Again, November 13th, 2015

The sadness, chaos, fear, denial and death are all too real, all
too familiar. Once again, the ignorantly disaffected, dreaming of
resurrecting their Caliphate past, dealt death and destruction
on this Friday night, to people who were simply out to relax
after their work week. All this tragedy has done, however,
is unite the West in a reaffirmation of its historic bonds,
particularly those between the U.S. and France; without
France in our revolution, we would not be here now.
President Obama reminded us about our intimately
connected mutual past and present last night, followed
by the U.K.'s David Cameron's solidarity statement and
quick police work in Germany.

Commiserations and support have been pouring in from all
over the world. France 24 TV has remained on the air since
yesterday, detailing the murders of at least 128 confirmed,
including a threat to French President Hollande, present
at the stadium when attacks began there. He has stayed
strong, vowing to capture all involved. Some of the
terrorists killed themselves, ISIL taking responsibility
once again.

These outraged, offended Islam-hijacker attackers
have their grievances. The West has dominated the
globe in recent centuries, creating resentments and
resolve, twisted though some of them may be.
What distinguishes these faux Islamists from others
opposed to each other in wars is ISIL's inability to
forgive, attempt reconciliation and rapprochement.
The Allies from our two World Wars are now
fast friends with former foes. But when you want
to rule the Earth, inspiring, ennobling examples
will not resonate.

Be clear: this is a threat to the West and the
world, which will include Russia and China
if left unchecked. We are at an unending
war which we will lose without firm,
concentrated, concerted action at all times...

Here we go again.

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  1. Prayers for the people of France. We must stand strong together against the world wide spreading evil. Together we can stand divided we will not. It seems ww3 is looming I fear.God help us!