Saturday, November 28, 2015

Racism and Denial by Family, Community, Caused Tyshawn Lee's Murder

Chicago, November 2015:
Oh, so much blame to hand around, I feel quite dizzy...
when all is said and done, it all starts at home, with parents
who are charged, morally and legally, with protecting their
young--even animals in the wild do this! --Gangbanger dad
did not know he was endangering his boy? How did he
not escort  Tyshawn to the park during daylight hours?
How did he not explain to his children that they all live
in a dangerous neighborhood? It is not possible to  long
maintain a child's innocence in an area of bad blocks,
period. It really isn't happening in the less violent areas,
either, but adults can continue to sugar-coat explanations
there a bit longer--say, to about age 11 or so.

Dad didn't have to be a thug; of course, it is demeaning
to such a man's "pride" to take humble jobs if such a man
didn't do well in school, take college courses or even finish
high school. People strapping on a gun feel so powerful--
how is it that some of us without them feel confident just
the same? I am convinced many like the thug life--no rules,
just do as you please, see who's left standing--often, it isn't
an innocent, deserving child.

Relentless racism, always in the background, often out front,
plays a major role. Maybe more minority kids would be
inspired to truly tackle academics if they felt equally cared
about, respected, home, in public, and
of course, at school. But it is almost always a case of
"the tribe", "I feel more comfortable with my own", etc.
The Ivory Tower tells us that the formation of the tribe
has gotten us to where we are today, great architecture,
art, music, culture, language, etc. Yet...

The better survival strategy now is to go beyond the tribe;
that is, if we want a world without war, death, and
destruction of the above-mentioned art. We can still
honor our antecedents without worshipping them,
without being limited to circling the wagons around
our tribe's members. Isn't it about time to be more
inclusive? This "peace prescription" applies on the
smallest as well as the largest scale--as the block
goes, so goes the planet.

Happy Holidays! Here's to a more loving and
understanding Earth--while there's still time.


  1. I was talking to two friends on two different occasions yesterday and the subjects of the evil and tragedy of the young boy and the young man being shot cam up.We were both lamenting on the what we feel We soon both agreed knew for a fact how many of our ( BLACK) people can not seen to often agree on the same things at the same time. We both agreed if more not just one or two percent , etc of OUR PEOPLE do notdecide tobe able to communicate and agree on SOME THING this and other evils would continue to happen or increase.

    Much seems to divide The so called black community. Politics, religeon, where we are from( North, south sides etc ( what parts of Amnerica we are from, Philosophy, etc, etc!

    However WE BOTH AGREED Amber if black people ALL of us sat and pndered our history for a few minutes the following would quickly come to mind, MANY of us SOME WHERE in our family ( B e it our DAD,S or Mom,s side of our family OUR ANCESTORS WHERE FORCED HERE AS SLAVES!Then if all BLACK PEOPLE were to come to griips with and OPENLY talk about this with one another( Amber MANY of my people I find do not AND WILL NOT talk about slavery in our history.. If more of us then did so we could SIT DOWN in a civil , honest way and discover many other things , ideas, etc we all have in common no matter our differences on the surface. WE WOULD REALIZE we all had mor e in common , NOT JUST THAT WE ARE BLACK PEOPLE!
    How ironic , we also agreed this is true for ALL of humanity no matter our race, sex , etc, etc...

    While WE AS BLACK PEOPLE, Hey WE ALL AS PEOPLE FIGHT one another and get angry because of our perceived DEEP differences ALL OUR TRUE enemies ENCOURAGE THIS to deepen! SO WE WILL NOT GET TOGETHER TO ALL HELP SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS and better our lives and more importantlythose of the young people!

    A nick name people many gave me ( I loved it still do is THE COMMANDER!!) I have never been to war, Was too young for Vietnam , health issues so I could not have gone also, However Amber I know one thing very well.

    Be it a building, neighborhood, block, boyfriend, doll friend relationship, Hubby and wife A NATION A PEOPLE, PEOPLE THAT ALLOW THEM SELVES TO BE MORE DIVIDED will BE OR CONTINUE to be conquered, EVEN HURT KILL ONE ANITHER. I rst my case.

    Hope you had a lovely Thanks Giving every one I DID, WE DIDI! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Hey what ever you celebrate if it is positive HAVE A HAPPY ONE! Great week end! Til we meet again..

  2. Oh. Just a few more things. Those big vegas hotels that are emploded to make way for new developments, THE EXPLOSIVE tech go in ATTACH explosives to key areas of the structure TO KEY BEAMS. I have known people that worked on that type of demolition business.

    A nation, Family, community people, etc, etc THE SAME THINGS are done to DESTROY THEM! From with in key points ( I E THE FAMILY, FRIEND,SHIPS, Other close relations, ad I feel most importantly MORALITY is destroyed by OUT SIDE enemies llowed in or working with double agents. TOGETHER WE STAND , UNITED WE FALL. WHITE PEPLE are FOR NOW a MAJORITY in AMERICA.