Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2016: The Next Dynamic Duo, Alan Grayson and Elizabeth Warren

I began to fantasize about (D) FL House Rep. Alan Grayson
as president in 2016 the moment he publicly broke ranks with
our president regarding taking military action in Syria. The web
was equally quick, and early, with a greater than greek chorus
whose enthusiastic sentiments I share...they added a fillip of fine
feminine quality in the person of Elizabeth Warren, one of two
excellent senators to DC from MA.

For many of us, THERE is the dream team worthy, willing
and able to lead us in chaotic times. These two seem intelligent,
independent and serious enough to become the next president
and vice president of the United States. Both Grayson and
Warren have shown sustained commitment to principle, not
a quality firmly possessed by all politicians. Every era cries
out for just such character.

Here's to the next dynamic duo in 2016: may they be
Grayson and Warren. 

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  1. Update, November 2013: Mr. Grayson is not careful enough in his speech, having on occasion recommended violence toward some unworthy figure, and has been waaay too spirited in other exhortations to actions. This unsavory quote was mentioned in a book about extremes on the left and the right, published several years ago. I like Alan's philosophy, but not his lack of self-restraint. THAT WILL come back to bite him in a few years, if not sooner.