Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What a Waste! Nuclear Reactors: Decommissioned/Defunct/Destroyed or Online

About 400 nuclear reactors are online around our planet; others
are defunct, destroyed or decommissioned. (There's no space or
time here to describe in detail all the sunken nuclear-powered
submarines adding to the terrible tonnage of long-lived toxic
waste.) Japan is still struggling after its triple tragedy
(earthquakes, tsunami, Fukushima fubar), yet certain officials
are trying to restart offline reactors elsewhere in the country.
They are meeting stiff resistance from many there. I pray their
active, public resolve persists.

Some very good news has lifted gloom in the anti-nuclear
community lately: more reactors shutting down, more license
extensions denied to dangerously aged/aging reactors, the
"nuclear renaissance" recently stalled in the southern U.S.,
Germany's dramatic, deadline-driven divesting of nuclear
power, and more.

The thousands of tons of nuclear's dangerous drek remain,
however; HOSS, hardened onsite storage, being the best
(and only) way to temporarily corral this junk without
transporting it around and inviting home-grown terror theft.
Yucca Mountain is STILL not a geologically stable
repository for such tonnage, toxic for thousands of years.
(I'm still looking for the original geologist who signed off
on its safety/suitability report for the DOE decades ago.)
There are quake faultlines under and near the mountain--
how was that not deemed significant?

Fukushima fubar should become the anti-nuclear
movement's new anthem, even while we work
toward mitigating all possible dangers. What a
waste if we don't succeed.


  1. I hope and pray these shut down reactors are kept secure.( I DOUBT IT!) Lady Amber I have heard it said by explosives experts an old bomb can be more dangerous than a new one. The same is probably true of old nuclear power plants.

    Again, GOD HELP US! Thank you for helping us keep our brains working in this age when many want us , controlled, pacified, dumbed down. Have a LOVELY day!

    1. Hello, Commander! Always great to hear from you; I still smile when I think of Rocket J. Squirrel for president--I think some signs to that effect should be made close to 2016.

      Your explosive experts are right--the stability/"healthy" factor of newer nukes and other bombs is better with these than the older ones.
      Best of Luck to us all.

  2. Not wanting to get out of context Lady Amber but Dito on what you said about booze, and cars on that other publication. Many hospitals buried their old x ray plates from the forties with other medical waste. Now waste. Now many families and their pets live in these far out SEXY far from town suburbs. Now the nuke boys are doing some what the same thing.

    My GOD!! A . M .A. P. Be happy, Be Amber!