Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ted Cruz: "the Little Engine That Could" Pulls--a Stunt

...But it puts him front and center in the media. Is that
all that counts, Ted? If even some of your Republican
Senate and House colleagues in DC are distancing
themselves from you now, won't you just please sit
down and shut up? Do you want to stay stuck in the
U.S. Senate, known not fondly as "that wack job",
becoming marginalized, losing committee assignments,
etc.? But being re-elected by ignorant extremists from
Texas, your true constituent base, almost guarantees
you'll hang on  there. Hell, Texas' senior Senator Cornyn
has disparaged this tactic of yours.  

Apparently your "talk-a-thon" won't work as you'd
hoped. It's not officially termed a "filibuster", as
Senate business will go on. "Obamacare", or the ACA,
will remain the law of our land until Mr. Obama
leaves office, and likely beyond that. The Senate
majority has already planned to strip out the ACA
from an upcoming bill vote, so...?

So, greedy for the limelight, you already accomplished
that. But you've marginalized yourself  in the process,
with republicans in DC calling your current actions
a stunt, and your public, unfortunate use of "stand your
ground" in your own political context.

Keep it up, Ted. Until recently, most of us didn't
know who you are; but  moderates of both parties
now know, and have you in their sights. Successful
publicity stunts today, loss of respect today and

P.S.: Say, Ted, why not use your laptop to read
to your kids, rather than take valuable U.S. Senate
and TV time?


  1. There is a saying Lady Amber. When you have nothing good to say about some one say nothing at all. So I will say nothing about Mr. Cruz.There is a saying people from England have one could say in his direction, that is ( BUGGER OFF Mr Cruz! ) Thank you and good day Lady Amber.

  2. The ultimate, spot-on parental threat to misbehaving kiddos: "I'm gonna make YOU watch Ted Cruz read GREEN EGGS & HAM --- for the next 21 hours!".

    Incidentally, no disrespect intended toward Dr. Seuss.

  3. Lol!! Yeah Dan. Oh Lady Amber. your blog is sort of attached to mine. So I just wanted to mention this. I feel the time is now for every one concerned to watch ALL these politicians.CAREFULLY no matter what party, etc.