Monday, September 16, 2013

Larry Summers Won't Head the Fed

Great news starts off a new work week, today, Monday,
September 16th, 2013: Larry Summers "reluctantly"
withdraws his name from consideration as the next
Federal Reserve Chief.  Mr. Obama, rumor hath it,
was strongly inclined to appoint Mr. Summers, but
after spirited "let's harry Larry" objections from women's
and other deemed liberal groups, Summers saw the
writing on the wall and chose to step away, not out of
patriotism, methinks, but rather, regard for self. 
He's held many high-level posts, dating back to the
Clinton era, made many missteps too, such as stating
his opinion on women's ineptitude in science and
math while at Harvard, and being too pro-big bank,
i.e., at least somewhat anti financial reform.

Perhaps Janet Yellen can supply the expertise
missing in the good ol' boy network if she succeeds
Ben Bernanke.  In any event, Larry Summers won't
head the Fed. --Smiles all around!


  1. Yes Lady Amber smiles for now..Our dollars I feel do not look more like ply money for no reason. YEAH WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYAHOOO HUM DADDY CAH WAH BUNGAH!! For now.

    Have a great day .