Thursday, September 19, 2013

Save Your House! It's Easier to Steal Your Home Than Your Car: "Sovereign Citizen" Movement's Fraudulent Liens

Property Crime Alert! Research "sovereign citizens" if you aren't
already aware of them. Dr. Mark Pitcavage and the Anti-
Defamation League explain how these occasionally virulently
violent "paper terrorists" can steal your home with forged,
realistic-looking documents, "deed heisting", etc. This is a
dangerous, demented criminal movement, spawned by U.S.
survivalist, anti-government fringe groups. They reject the
legitimacy of all duly constituted authority, have stolen judges'
homes via fraudulent liens and other "financial instruments".

Check your property deed for ANY activity YOU haven't
taken. Do this through your local county recorder of  deeds
office; some recorders' offices have free fraud alerts which
go to your pc, smart phone, et al....sign up for them!


You have to be very vigilant, as some county recorder of
deeds offices are legally prohibited from officially verifying
some of these forged documents submitted by the sovereigns
and other criminals using the same techniques...

The home you save may be your own.

1 comment:

  1. Great informative blog! Great advice. I have signed up for my county recorder of deeds fraud alert. I have known people their homes were paid for and this EVIL deed was committed against them.

    It will only get worse I fear Lady Amber. I feel check your credit report MORE THAN ONCE a year. Also check your deed at your local county recorder of deeds office. Many offices allow you to check a deed on line. I wonder if some day in America if we will even be allowed to own property ( Private non elite citizens ) any more?

    Thanks for exposing this evil that is on the rise nation wide dear Amber. Have a great day!