Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chicago Power: Olive Branches or Going Out on a Limb? Emanuel; Lewis; Apology for Burge

Did you denizens of Chicagoland see the scrawls hastily written
by Mayor Emanuel to Chicago Public Schools union head
Karen Lewis on TV? I did; it was embarrassing in its casual
manner, from the salutation, simply "Karen", to the note paper
used, not anything more formal  than personal lists or  post-its.
So while Rahmster Monster may well be a canny legal
negotiator/business broker (his attorney fees and deals attest
to that), being businesslike in other areas seems beyond
him. Still, his brief words of commiseration  packed a

Meanwhile,  he has also apologized for former Police
Commander Jon Burge's long dark stain of official torture
on Chicago, as more past confessions obtained under duress
are tossed out, victims are released and compensated.
He is the first Chicago mayor in 40 years to express such
sorrow on behalf of the city...

Two olive branches offered in less than one week were
from Chicago's mayor, one from CPS' Lewis, hers in calmly
looking forward to a meeting.

Am I going out on a limb to feel filled with hope for local
detente? Or are the powers that be? We'll all stay tuned,
of course.


  1. Dear Lady Amber. I was born and raised in Chicago on the west side. Lived there for 31 years of my life. Glad I we lived to get out and no longer live there any more. I remember when it was The Chicago board of education at 220 N La salle street I believe. Schools were not perfect but Not dealing with the mess of the current uh, BUNCH in charge now....

    Maybe entire olive trees are needed and not just the leaf.The city to our east is it Chicago or NEW YORK? It is hard to tell these days I feel My prayers and thoughts are with those( Including a sister of mine, her husband and son) that still live there.
    I must stop now. Writing about Chicago makes me sad these days. Almost like my last few years there.

    Time will tell Lady Amber.Our once wonderful cities, HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE BEEN ALLOWED and Made to fall.God bless. Be real. Be safe

    Be Amber!

  2. I'm glad you and I escaped the West Side; I lived there for 5+ years, in an area that did not suit me because the food stores featured food I don't usually eat, there were no bookstores, crime was close by and frequent, etc. A high note from those days: I DID force the City of Chicago to repave the sidewalk they "repaired" with asphalt after the Y2K scare involving infrastructure required repairs and/or upgrades. Best Wishes!

  3. Yes there were good times and good days in Chicago. Too many people think Chi town and all cities are big ghettos.Some day far from now cities may be positive decent places again.Thank you. Lovely day to you.

  4. Some day the cities could experience a renaissance, but only if we change our priorities and start investing in "human capital" again --- decent schools and job creation among other things.

    Could it happen during the regime of Rahm? I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you. As far as I'm concerned, the mayor's recent overtures are nothing more than a cynical appeal for votes; he's concerned that he might lose his mandate in 2015. There's still time for some grass-roots opposition to grow legs.