Friday, April 11, 2014

A Heap O' Hubris (-and apparently, ignorance!)

U.S. sailors are suing Japan because they were
exposed to radiation during a rescue mission
to the stricken Fukushima disaster area. SURE,
why not kick a dog when it's down, WOW,
wotta brave who do (should) the sailors
suppose CAUSED this disaster?  Why, the
USA's GE Mark I and II reactor designs, sold
to a not quite up to speed technical society,
our former enemies, the Japanese--sold to an
island people subject to numerous earthquakes 
and tsunamis...

If the Japanese were really smart, they would
countersue re: being sold a pig in a poke,
faulty reactor designs by GE. Smart people
all around the world AND here at home
know/have known the GE Mark series are
flawed--GE engineers knew it in the
SEVENTIES when most reactors were
being built. Certain Japanese engineers
realized it as well, but ego and big-business
thrills often outweigh good sense; good,
innocent people are actually killed when
dangers are dismissed/overlooked.

Our sailors should sue the U.S. government,
but wouldn't dare, as employees; probably
some federal law exists to forbid such a

A heapin' helpin' o' hubris (aka willfull
stupidity) going back to the late 60s and
the seventies are at work here, to the
detriment of all.


  1. Lady Amber. Well stated again as usual. I wonder if the LAW OF RESOPROSOTY is at work here? What goes around comes around?

    Maybe we could even go back to the 1930;s regarding stupid things...

    Have a great day and week end!

  2. The flawed design of the GE reactors compounded a more serious danger: the riskiness of nuclear power to begin with --- particularly in a region as earthquake-prone as the area around the Fukushima reactor.

    As we well know, business decisions can often be short-sighted with precious little concern for the well-being of the planet and its citizens. It's mind-boggling that everyone involved in that process could have been so short-sighted --- and uncaring.

    But hey, business is business!

    1. Thanks for your comment here, Dan. What all three of us say speaks to a deeper, deeply unfortunate characteristic of too many humans--narrow, short-sighted self interest, which ironically enough will redound/rebound to everyone's detriment, including the very ones responsible for the dangerous nonsense in the first place...

    2. Actually, not caring would always precede the short-sightedness, no? I guess it COULD go either way.

  3. For those who are interested, check the Feres Doctrine, which severely limits lawsuits against the federal government brought by its citizens and/or employees.