Thursday, April 3, 2014

Illinois Is Ill Indeed: Quinn, Madigan and Cullerton Ignore Our State Constitution

No court case or informed objections from the public stayed the
illegal hands of the top three Illinois Democrats with respect to the
Illinois Constitution's STIPULATED requirements for content
in the yearly governor's projected budget for the next year:

Quinn proposed a five year plan (-borrowing from the old
Soviet Union's five year plan budget projections, perhaps,
which failed, by the way?) for 2015 and beyond. Consulting
our state's constitution,  Article VIII--Finance, Section 2.,
State Finance, Subsection (a) yields the following important

o The budget address to the General Assembly must be for the
   next budget year ONLY, (-2015).
o The sitting governor must provide estimated revenue receipts.
o Said governor must detail the plans for expenditures and
   obligations for EVERY DEPARTMENT, authority, public
   corporation, etc.
o Proposed expenditures shall not exceed funds estimated to
   be available by the General Assembly during that year.  

The Illinois Budget Speech on March 26th, 2014 fulfilled
NONE of these legally mandated requirements. Instead,
Quinn trotted out our commonly-felt fears about education,
needed services, etc. It was only a pleading, pathetic
political speech.  That is a no-go theorem for anyone
interested in obeying the law...which the top three
democrats clearly demonstrated they were NOT.

Harking back to the televised Joe McCarthy (R) hearings
of old, a lone, past voice of reason accused:
"Have you no shame, sir, none at all?"  That this is now
an illegal democrat rather than a republican underscores
how universal and deep the desire is to remain in
the spotlight--graceless and problematic though
such wishes often prove to be.

Pat wants to be remain governor; I understand. But
Quinn's quite able to give this exact speech on the
campaign trail, which is what he should have done...


Illinois is ill indeed: parse the state name, and
what do we find? Ill in noise. Can we never
overcome such seeming sad destiny?


  1. Ignore our state constitution. Ignoring our federal constitution , AND IGNORING THE CITIZENS OF ILLINOIS may be next.

    HM? Barrowing from A COMMUNIST government THEIR five year plan, HM? I wonder from with other political systems around the world our governor and others are CHOOSING to imitate ?


    Another great blog Lady Amber. Thank you and have a great day!

  2. I'm not implying that any Illinois official is a Communist OR Socialist, but "spreading the information pain" by announcing vague, unsupportable five year plans was a device long used by the Soviet Union. Hell, will I even be alive in five years? So this device employs hubris and some dissembling, bank on it.

  3. I understand Lady Amber. Still it makes me wonder why A n Illinois Governor would use something from over there. We just seem to get more of what made ILL INOIS IL being offered to us.

    All I know is this I feel MANY need to go come election time. Have a great week end.

  4. Our fiscal ills have a long, bearded history of inattentiveness by both Republicans and Democrats --- particularly in regard to the pension mess. That said, I agree that Quinn and the legislative heavies have been doing a not-so-dexterous dance around the state constitution. Rauner and Quinn don't present a great choice, but I do share Quinn's concern over proposals to roll back the state income tax. He'll still get my vote --- reluctantly.