Saturday, April 26, 2014

Geography AND History Are Almost Destiny...

Unless many brave and intelligent souls militate publicly against
the outrages and mistakes of the past. To wit: The Monroe
Doctrine has hubris written all over it. Current and future U.S.
presidents can't rely on that old, imperialistically controlling
document, morally, any more than Russia rightfully reinstitutes
the Soviet Union by fiat and/or devious ambiguation.

The charges and counter charges now flying back and forth
between big bear and exceptional eagle are dangerous,
dragging us all back by degrees to a past MOST do
not want. The U.S. and Russia are attempting to mold
the entire planet in their competing yet flawed images.

Get gumption now, please, people of any ability:
get organized, create an indisputably LARGE cohort,
focus on a few important goals, and present them
FIRMLY to both Russia and the U.S.

The lives you save just might include your own. 

Meanwhile, Santayana, make room for Nostradamus;
you two may as well spin together, joint outrage,
one grave. 

1 comment:

  1. YES! Well said ! Many so called LITTLE people that are really the big people that matter need to DECIDE I feel to WAKE UP! Shake off the BRAIN WASHING, Silly-ness, STUPIDITY spirit, mentality and life styles and deal with the issues facing us all before it is too late.