Saturday, April 5, 2014

USA/USAID, Stay Out of Cuba! We Can't Control the World...

and we'd better stop trying. Cuba is an independent
nation, deal with it; 1962's Cuban Soviet missile threat
is not a current issue, so stay outta there--do you want
more problems like those we have with our not-quite-a
state, Puerto Rico? If this nation were so on top of the
many myriad concerns we've had here, why did it take
sooo long for Washington DC's residents to get full voting
rights? --Come ON. Democrats and Liberals, why aren't
you (figuratively) baying for blood as your peers with the
same philosophical inclinations did during Reagan's little
adventure (actually Ollie North's) in 1980s'
Central America?

Cowardice married to presumption has trumped good
sense yet again: USAID, authorized by -?someone?-
has been broadcasting a Twitter-like program called
ZunZuneo to Cuba--COVERTLY. Just as anonymous
screedsters can say whatever they wish, because there
are presumably no accountability repercussions attached
to withholding one's identity, some in  authority want
to control Cubans and their political destiny by secretly
propagandizing....shame! Go through the Voice of
America, my dad's old employer, for any honest,
practical power of persuasion.

Check out the Platt Amendment; decide objectively,
if any American can, whether we have our collective
heads screwed on correctly regarding Cuba. For
those who don't know, 70 and more years ago Cuba
was near enough, yet far enough away for philandering
U.S. Senators and other "big shots" to escape their
dumpy, out of shape wives, having affairs with young
Cuban females...disgusting. (If you require sexual
variety, don't marry!)

I'm a Brazilian-Cuban American; I was in Havana
for several weeks in 1955 before Castro took the
island, follow events there and the antics of the
Miami Cubans as well. Because of the Spanish
American War (1898) we became occupiers
of the place...can't we let it go?? The scenario
is pathetic, reminding me sharply of Putin with
the Crimea, using his old KGB mindset.

Two shaky world powers, Russia and the USA,
with lack of control internally must externally
bully two little places in proximity. Memo
to Obama and Putin: this is NOT the way to
maintain super power status, count on it.

USA/USAID, stay out of Cuba, we are not
the world;

Russia, leave the Ukraine alone,
aren't you big enough right now?

--YOU aren't the world EITHER.


  1. Control on all levels ALL OVER OUR WORLD seems to be on the increase. No longer is it a secret. A bright ray of hope is that ALL OVER OUR WORLD people LIKE ME THE COMMANDER! are EXPOSING and fighting CONTROL.

    More people FROM GOVERNMENT heads to some in our daily lives need to GET and keep theirs lives in order and not try to, FIX, MANAGE, AND CONTROL OURS! TOTAL CONTROL is TOTALLY IMMORAL AND ILLEGAL.

    Nailed it again Lady Amber.

  2. I think that this issue is kind under the radar, Amber. Agreed that it shouldn't be; but with electoral and economic issues occupying center stage, the ZunZuneo situation just hasn't drawn much attention from the progressive community nor anyone else. I get the sense that Florida's Cuban exile community is beginning to lose traction. Based on what I've been reading recently, many of the sons and daughters of the Cuban transplants don't seem to share their parents' fervent imperative to keep Cuba isolated. ZunZuneo, as you imply, seems to be shrouded in secrecy. I haven't tried to access it, but judging by what you've indicated, the Obama administration should disavow it. Other than that, is there anything more they can do?

    1. Dan, the history of Cuba since 1898 is important to know so as to fully understand our own history; this is not a question of isolation, or bringing Cuba into our friendly, "so much better than anyone else's" embrace. This has always been a matter of imperialistic control, whether by the USA (long term) or the Russians (for a shorter spell; why bother with a relatively meaningless distinction such as, "the Soviet Union?) I'm implying nothing about ZunZuneo, it is a fact, on all the media I've seen, no retractions.