Thursday, April 17, 2014

A World-Famous Philosopher Has Never Stopped Spinning in His Grave

...why on Earth should he have? It is difficult to understand how
world leaders can continue to react in the same dangerously,
murderously tired ways they have always done--knee jerks
BY JERKS. George Santayana cautioned that those not
learning the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them:
so here we go again...the armed skirmishes in the Ukraine
have devolved into violent clashes with deaths, about three
so far, but it's early days.

There are two solutions that might make sense I'll offer here:

(1) Let the Ukraine become two states, divided by the
Dnieper River which does cut the country in half, call them
East Ukraine and West Ukraine. Let the East U align itself
with Russia, which seems to be what that region wants,
let West U line up with Western factions like the European
Union.  Not NATO, however: I don't see the Ukraine
anywhere near the Atlantic.

(2) Perhaps Russia could remove its troops in a face-
saving manner, all in charge could begin to relax,
and allow the Ukraine to line up with BOTH
Russian-related interests and European ones, as it is
literally located  between both.

Geography is destiny, someone said once. Being
mindful of such situational realities, can't we all
just get along? (so right, Rodney King). If we
can't, more murders, mayhem and destruction are
inevitable in a world that lost approximately 40%
of its financial worth during the Great Recession
2007 and counting.

Meanwhile, George Santayana continues his
graveyard spins....


  1. P.S.: The Ukraine must abandon its wholesale corruption plaguing any hope of peaceful success. It owes Russia millions for its importing of Russian natural gas, and Russia is now in trouble with a devalued Ruble and stock market....

  2. I saw a story a few days ago about a woman that walked in on a black bear in her home some where in California a few days ago. The bear grabbed her by her head sinking her teeth deeper into her skull! The bear was dragging her toward the woods. Experts feared the female cubs were near by and the Lady the home owner had come to close to the cubs.

    Commander! What the does this have to do with what Lady Amber expressed so well above many of you may ask? The two stories have lots in common. THINK IT OVER. A similar situation may be looming in the region where Isreal is. In short GOD HELP US! IS WORLD WAR THREE on the horizon?