Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Travelers, Be Wary of the Ferry--at Home and Abroad

...Because many of them have serious design flaws, to say
nothing of the totally inadequate safety protocol/information
culture.  Too top-heavy and high in the water, aggravated in
some instances by having too many cars parked too high up
atop many of these working ferries causes some of the very
same sinkings of more than a few cruise liners.

Physics is fundamental; we WERE to have learned that in
school, but if not, ignorance is not bliss, so learn how it
controls your every waking hour, in cars, ships, boats,
motorcycles, building and architecture. (You can't expect
your luxury home to survive long term if it is perched on
a mountain made almost solely of mudslide-prone earth,
look out California!)  

Please, I beg you: check out the design and safety culture
of any ferry you may wish to take. As we have all sadly
seen, many lives can be lost when  we are too trusting.

1 comment:

  1. Great advice Lady Amber!

    Also I URGE all who read this BEFORE you board ANY type of boat, Ferry, cruise ship tour boat, etc investigate to discover your legal rights. Many water ways involve many territories. Your local police etc may have little or no jurisdiction depending on where the ship is and something goes down. Often the captain is IN CHARGE! There I feel are captains that well are not worth the uniforms they wear nor do they deserve the title.

    Have a great day!