Friday, December 30, 2016

Chicago Cops: New Year's Wishes: We Wanna Have Our Cake and Eat It Too

According to FOP boss Dean Angelo Sr. But my above-said
is an analysis: police union members actually remarked that
they don't wish to be held accountable for "hot mike" mistakes
--rude or inappropriate remarks while at work (Courtesy of
The Chicago Tribune, December 29th, 2016). --REALLY?

Apparently most of these officers have never heard of Marilyn
Moats Kennedy, a job counselor and author. Career Knockouts:
How to Battle Back was one of her most telling works. Among
many good bits of advice, this is the one that applies most
importantly to the police (and anyone working with the public):
I've paraphrased her here: " Your employer does not want the
real you. They require you to be professional, do your job well,
keep your personal proclivities and life away from the job."

Most educated American adults understand that they must
exhibit good manners/behave well in any public setting,
although that number is currently declining; witness the rise in
rioting on airplanes. Working with disturbed and/or out of control
perpetrators or others means keeping one's cool, sticking to
the issues at hand, yet exerting control. This, of course, is hardly
easy, so Chicago's screening test to weed out undesirable police
department applicants who want to be low class like the perps
while on the job MUST be scrapped and re-written, period.
Character counts!

It seems that too many cops haven't risen to the occasion
while at work, feel far too comfortable, "free to be me"
sentiment allowing such officers to say they don't want to
be responsible for their actions... so, quit already! We need
better than that in our troubled  neighborhoods and situations.
Meanwhile, Mr. Angelo quotes such ridiculous complaints
publicly, having had a tone-deaf approach to the public about
his FOP members long since. He attended a forum claiming
he had never been to one before, but I saw him at two different
ones, so....

The holiday celebrations are just about over, including having
one's cake and eating it too. It's high time for all adults holding
responsible positions to resume proper behavior...

Especially the FOP's whining police.

[P.S.: most Chicago police officers are doing a difficult job
well. I'm zeroing in on those who are not displaying the
best attitude to carry out their duties. Sadly, more than
three or four fit my critique; bad behavior by cops then
affects actions on the street and on the beat behavior of
any suspects. Why isn't this realized by everybody??]

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  1. Good police NO MATTER who or where they are need all our support. Bad ones need to be exposed and removed. DECENT POLICE and citizens must never be part of the , DO NOT SQUEEL, SUPPOT your own OLD BOYS network.

    Happy new year. Sty alert. Be aware of your surroundings. Be aware in these times who is for us or not. Support those that support and celebrate us!