Saturday, December 31, 2016

Trump's "Enemies List"--and Mine

I am unalterably opposed to injustice, racism, scapegoating,
violence, murder, wars of mass destruction (--Syria, etc.),
Oligarchies (the Koch Brothers most particularly), cruelty,
ignorance, saber rattling  and...

--Ah. So the above-said is MY enemies list; anything that
disturbs people needlessly and threatens our existence will
land on that list. Anything which demonstrably takes us
further and further away from any putative "civilization" we
supposedly have had on Earth earns a spot there as well.

What of the Don? Rumor hath it he possesses an enemies'
list, presumably peopled by anyone who has roundly
critiqued him or even simply disagrees with him. This bears
further checking, but the Trump's Twitterverse engagements
are strong indicators. "Kelly Kelly" recently publicly "warned",
watch what you say. Will the next U.S. administration spend
most of its time launching libel suits to protect the Trumpster's
already self-tarnished image, largely ignoring the nation's
business? --Stay tuned.

Anything of a negative policy nature will occasion my calls
to various members of our U.S. Congress; anyone of
a frankly unqualified, inimical bent recommended by
Trump heading to the Senate for confirmation must
engender more calls by me to them. Letters from those
of us who object to much of  Donald's agenda may/may
not be effective, depending upon numbers. Petitions,
hundreds of which I have signed over the years, are,
sadly, the least effective means of making change.
--Ditto demonstrations, especially the dramatic,"fun"

Future refinements of my enemies list will also tally
every stupid and destabilizing mistake the Don,
"Kelly Kelly" and crew make.

Questions, objections and suggestions:
Do you want our Republic to be more democratic?

Then act, please. Happy 2017.

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  1. I TOTALLY AGREE! Lets all HAT DO NOT WANT a fourth reich in our land or world ACT! The ones that do not want to well The ...Happy new year! I HOPE and pray it will be...