Friday, December 30, 2016

Israel's Nitwit Netanyahu Can't Even Count--Witness His Riposte to Secretary of State Kerry

Many of us applauded John Kerry's eminently reasonable account
of why a Middle East "Two State" solution will be fair to all, will
become the linchpin to peace in the region. He made his remarks
shortly after the United Nations censured Israel (yet again) for
the increasing Israeli settlements encroaching evermore into the
Palestinian people's land. The signal vote by the U.S. to abstain
was a first, firmly underscoring what several administrations have
advocated, namely, a two-state solution.

In his swift, accusatory anti-U.S. reaction, the 'Yahoo Nitwit
couldn't count, claiming Israel has existed for "...nearly a hundred
years..." --REALLY?  In 1948 Israel proclaimed its existence as a
state; we are now entering 2017, not 2048. The man can't count!
(69 years is not nearly one hundred.) I wish our current president
had shown his claws even earlier, but better late than never, as the
old saw has it.

Netanyahu has openly often disrespected Mr. Obama. One
egregious example: by going  over his head and addressing our
U.S. House of Representatives with the low-class assistance of
then House Speaker Boehner, quite the boner.  Some in Israel
feel it is their "divine right" to request and accept many millions in
aid from us, yet dictate our Middle East policy. This is a no-go
theorem if I ever saw one. There are always obligatory ties to
any generous purse strings; whoever ignores such reality risks
rebukes and further unfavorable reactions.

--My reaction? It is time to play hardball with Israel, particularly
Nitwit Netanyahu. The USA did not place Jews into internment
camps, has steadily supported the national aspirations of the
Jews. It's clear they are taking us for granted. Were I king, I
would sharply cut back monetary and military aid to Israel, see
just how "self-reliant" they are, which they are NOT. The people
of Palestine had no genocidal role in WWII, were victimized
by imperial Great Britain in the 1921 Balfour Accords, etc.
They are understandably unwilling to be squeezed out of
existence, although Yasser Arafat and others played into their
opponents' victimizing hands by trenchant violent overkill.

Both President Elect Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu are
evincing attitudes reminiscent of Naziism and Fascism.
--Say, boys, are you aiming toward such a legacy?

Meanwhile, Netanyahu, learn to COUNT.

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  1. Amber. Well said as usual. Not much else I can add on BB N and THE BOYZ ..