Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Memo to Trump and Putin: We Are NOT the Union of the Russian-American Republics

--Nor will we be, take that to the bank. In spite of the less-than
properly informed public here in the USA, we will not passively,
idly stand by while Russia tries to take us over by sleight of hand,
shrewd hacking into Ms. Clinton's and the Democratic National
Committee's websites, (according to CIA statements, an already
accomplished fact) OR the Don's attempt to pack his cabinet
with arch-conservative business leaders.

For the third time, with feeling:

Trump appeared on network news some weeks ago actually
encouraging the Russians to hack Hillary--how can he walk
THAT back, other than to say he was way out of line? I have
been terming that little performance as treason, and so it is.
He has nominated several men to his cabinet with far-too-
intimate "business" ties to both the Ukraine and Russia,
few of which possess prior diplomatic or legislative
experience, save for former Texas Governor Rick Perry,
not known to be an intellectual heavyweight, and a lone
congressman or two.

Trump himself has had no legislative experience unless one
counts lobbying, which one wonders why more regarding the
next president's actions about his lobbying interests isn't widely
known. He simply has to have had real estate lobbyists to
DC in his employ; I'll check.

We will rise to the occasion and do what must be done
to scotch Trump's irresponsible, blast-to-the past policies
and appointments, to avoid  Russian entrapment as well.
Better late than never, especially given that Russia et al.
perceive the U.S. as weak, ripe for the the taking, obviously.
Back OFF, Ukrainian  Airlines, Putin and any fellow travelers!

Russia is still the largest nation on Earth by virtue of
landmass; the U.S. is the fourth. Isn't being the biggest
enough for you? Really, Russia, why don't you pay more
attention to your own people, problems, territory and
resources, leave Syria and Assad alone, stop smarting with
shame over the demise of the Soviet Union?

Despite trashy Trump and  putrid Putin, two of a kind,
Russia is not annexing our country--we must resist, resist,
RESIST. But to do so requires an awakening America.

--About time, no??

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  1. I totally agree Amber.

    I have wondered for a long time now. Why is it a woman who was AN umpopular Governor in Alaska that Lost when she was running for president 8 plus years ago, WHY WILL SHE NOT be less in the lime light?

    Also if past president elects had done what president elect Trump is doing would they have been allowed to?

    Would PRESIDENT elect Obamma been alloed to get away with the same things? I DOUBT it.