Friday, December 23, 2016

Trump's Kelly Conway: Confuse and Conflate?

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly....(Wow, the Don's version is no smarter
than the eponymous blond of fame on fictional "Cheers". Too bad
this one serves an unqualified president in a nonfictional reality.)
Evasions, explanations and obfuscations aside, if the safety stakes
weren't so high, I'd have to laugh at the extreme tangents to truth
taken by "Blondie" and her boss...

But she does have one thing going for her, however: Kelly Conway
is the epitome of the "Stepford Wife" (see similar-titled movie)
when queried by the media; cool, calm, collected, nothing ruffles
her composure, never mind that she gives no cogent answers to
questions. It may take some weeks before even those who voted
for and supported Mr. Trump realize how calamitous a choice he
is and will be. --"Maverick", anyone? When that describes Senator
John McCain, he is often praised; for fellow "republican"
Rumpster, it merely means out of control, uninformed egotistical
blundering--of an Armageddon-level threat.

In a recent interview, Ms. Conway rebuked criticism of Trump
as attempts to "confuse and conflate"...which astounded me, as
that is EXACTLY what "Kelly, Kelly" does, utilizing projection
and  displacement (a turning the tables scapegoating), a long
and well-understood phenomenon in Psychology.

..And yet, she holds a B.A., a J.D. and owns her own polling
business, so, on paper, she seems eminently qualified for many
professional posts. Interestingly, she won a Blueberry Princess
Pageant, from whence, I surmise, springs her "Stepford Wife"
public persona.

Sadly, No "Cheers" for this "dumb" blond and her cohorts,
or the Electoral College, whose members cared more for their
own prominent positions in the Republican Party than the nation,
voting accordingly. Her spokes-person cool notwithstanding,
the Don's dangerous plans to build our nuclear arsenal anew
has re-awakened wary and weary fears all around the world
--at an all-time, ill-timed moment on the international stage.

What's next? I can't wait. Meanwhile, I'd better rejoin
the Twitterverse, just to keep up. Can Conway con
her way into America's heart? Citizens, stay tuned.

P.S.: OK, her first name is really Kellyanne, but before
she was so famous, I had seen it simply spelled "Kelly",
which I will (obstinately) keep to..."anne" I ain't kiddin'.

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  1. Amber. I am almost speechless. You have said it all quite well.I would add I believe Ms Conway in her youth won a few beauty contests. Seriously! I believe she was with President elect TRUMP,S wife organization a few years back....

    Any one SERIOUSLY, that wants to truly put your finger on the pulse of this nation and world, what is emotionally, spiritually and in all other ways is going on now. What is to come in the near future . Find on or off line the following movies and view them. THE STPFORD WIVES. VALLEY OF THE DOLLS.2001 A SPACE ODDYSY .

    Also View the syoty line of the fame tv series from the nineteen sixties( WHEN TV WAS STILL GREAT and did not dumb one down or fry ones brain) DARK SHADOWS. The Dr Julia Hoffman story line. Where she hynotises people. In our current age ALL the above are reality.Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!