Saturday, December 3, 2016

Trump Dumps Decorum and Established Presidential Procedures--AGAIN

So, what's wrong with reaching out to another nation's leader?
Evidently, everything: Not yet in power, Trump jumps the gun
and gives Taiwan's president a friendly little buzz, quite ignoring
the "one China" U.S. policy dating back to 1979, a concept
made possible after President Nixon's historic visit to China
in 1972. (I still have mixed emotions about that one.)

China has formally protested to still-President Obama and
other officials here, stating the incoming president is jeopardizing
relations between the two world giants. Stomping into
power in a tone-deaf, ham-handed manner will not assist
our country on the world stage; it matters, despite all the
bluster of  Trump, his supporters, swaggering ignoramuses,
alt-right aficionados and practitioners among the elected.

China vs. Taiwan gaffes aside for the moment, mistakes
mount up every day for the DON; if knowledge is power,
ignorance and intransigence ruin effective efforts by the
powerful. DT's cabinet appointments, from Defense to
Health and Human Services, are the stuff of the revanchist
delusional. It seems that the USA is blasting back to a
more unenlightened past, say the late 1940s though the
1950s...a deadly error, as this is not a few years after
the U.S. "made the world safe for democracy".  We
no longer bask in the glow of winning WWII--not after
71 years.

I have previously written my opinion of the Donald
as a trashy, super rich blunderer despite his billions
(--Three or ten? He still has not released his IRS
income reporting/tax returns. Hiding his financial
situation smells, period.). He may be shouting less;
he may seem somewhat conciliatory, i.e., sane;
he may even have a good idea or two; but he is still
the same man who said all the things many of us
cannot forget, misogynistic, racist and irrational
things--accompanied by his psychotic-seeming
facial expressions.

The Don dumps decorum and gravitas at every
turn, embarrassing every intelligent American adult.
...Safe and Happy Holidays? Not on your tintype,

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  1. Amber. I have read many places and heard for over 20 years 2017 was going to be QUITE a year. I wondered what it all meant . I clearly see what it meant now.

    As that sexy, talented , vivacius actress from yester year long before I the commander! was born said and I quote