Thursday, December 8, 2016

RiotFest and PTR, Inc. Executive Sean McKeough Dies at 42--No Cowardice on His Set List of Life

How to count the many ways Sean McKeough shined, short
life notwithstanding? He was a polymath: a genius in his options
trading life, his music life, and yes, personally. His generosity
on an individual level was legendary and grand, giving jobs to
many, gifting many with presents beyond any recipient's
wildest dreams, especially anyone hard hit by misfortune.
His kindness was not that of merely writing a check; he put
himself into his giving.

The Chicago Sun-Times, The Chicago Tribune, Billboard,
Rolling Stone and more--over twenty publications, online
as well as hard copy-producing, paid homage to Sean, chiefly
reprising his RiotFest founding and quoting personal testimonials.
These were all touching and inspiring, yet most of those I read left
out his remarkable business acumen, rising through the ranks
from runner at the CBOE to partner in PTR, Inc., a firm in the
S & P pit at the CBOE. The wealth he justly earned fueled
his musical fest promotions, band reunitings and, of course,
the always- mentioned generosity.

Kudos to the Chicago Sun-Times and Maureen O'Donnell
for a more well-rounded obituary... thank you! But it wasn't
until I read one last personal comment that I finally realized the
full measure of  the man: Sean was standing outside his Cobra
Lounge with a  friend when they noticed several guys beating
up on only one other--Sean commandeered a few men from
Cobra and they all intervened, breaking up the unfair fight.
Sean couldn't stand to see anyone suffer, jumping in, even
risking his personal safety.

So, Sean McKeough, here's to you:
No cowardice on Sean's set list of life!

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  1. Mf McKeough, Rest in peace.

    You were a bright shining star on earth.