Friday, December 16, 2016

Trump Travails: The Don's DC: Draining the Swamp and Replacing it with a Sewer

As promised in the last post, I checked on Trump's personal
lobbying background, finding that many of his advisers are, in
fact, dedicated  lobbyists. (Thanks, Washington Post, CNN,
60 Minutes, et al.--I was woefully behind the Don info curve!)

If any of you think a swamp stinks, try a sewer, which is about
to be DC, if it isn't already one. --A place where all bets, rules,
regulations, precedents are dumped (Trumped) in favor of
whim, ignorance and greed. Chauvinism's chaos propels us
ever closer to a weakened national reality-- the rest of the
world watches warily as we lurch into one dangerous action
and faux pas after another.

How Trump and others can equate worldwide business experience
with expert diplomacy is beyond me--and anyone else who has
studied history as well as current events...the two skill sets are
NOT congruent! Their missions and goals, diametrically different,
presuppose purposes, policies and approaches at odds with each
other. ExxonMobil  CEO Tillerson now put forward as our next
secretary of state is the best example of this highly dangerous and
mistaken philosophy.

The smelliest stink right now concerns conflict of interest charges
being lobbed at the Don from many quarters; his children are
on his transition team, will, supposedly, be running his far-flung
business interests. What expertise/brilliance do any of the Trump
offspring possess to be on any high-level political transition team?

Training by Trump is not what diplomacy and statecraft require;
apparently, the Electors who gave the next presidency to Trump
in defiance of the popular vote seem to think so...not forgetting
the millions who did vote for the Don, blithely ignoring the many
law suits against his practices, the failed and not accredited
Trump "University", his trashy, misogynistic remarks caught
on video, his anti-Muslim rhetoric, his treasonous urging of the
Russians to hack Hillary's website also captured electronically.
The CIA suggests the exhortation was successful; the Obama
White House claims to have been aware of  the hacks into the
DNC but offers a lame, if purportedly high-minded reason for
not intervening--rubbish!

If any of you decides to play tourist, traveling to DC, be sure
to pack some face masks--you're gonna need 'em....


  1. Amber.

    What slightly amazes me and is VERY FRIGHTENING to me is the fact, MANY PEOPLE seem to agree with every thing he says or does!? Many of them always have and deeply share every aspect of his way of thinking, etc.

    Maybe people DEEP in a sewer in their mind and or spirit can not smell the stink around them and in THEIR OWN mind and spirit.

  2. A quick comment.

    Bill Cosby is in court now about acusations from MANY women that said he raped and sexually abused them. ( On a personal note I think where there is THAT MUCH SMOKE from several sources THERE IS DEFINITELY fire EVERY WHERE! MR Cosby is in court now.

    Our president elect MADE COMMENTS that seem to OUT RIGHT SAY he abused sexually MANY women over a various period of time! AGAIN LOTS OF SMOIKE I THINK LOTS OF FLAMES are near by. He is NOT IN COURT , Mr Trump is headed for the white house as our next president. I could say much more on this ( ONE GUY IS WHITE ONE BLACK ONE A POPULAR ENTERTAINER, ONE AN ELITST,etc I will not.Amber and others I am sure you se my points .